Beautiful houses for sale with swimming pool in Hua Hin

Beautiful houses for sale with swimming pool in Hua Hin New project: Customer can choose alternative materials price goes up and down with equal. Living are ...

Check out our exclusive member site: We have headed South to the beaches! In this segment we are still in Hua Hin. What can a category 2...
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25 thoughts on “Beautiful houses for sale with swimming pool in Hua Hin

  1. Rule 62

    JC that's a nice place!

    Are there any places that nice with 1 bedroom, living room, 1 bath?

    It's just me 1 guy :)

  2. noknoi

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED your videos! I made me SO homesick! Keep up the
    wonderful work! Hugs! ^_^

  3. dcockerill2007

    Hi, anyone know what Nicks Channel is called on youtube as I'm going out to
    Hua Hin for a month in March and would like to contact him for some info.

  4. piesaregreatyumyum

    Just make sure that you don't completely sell up in Europe. Always have
    your secure backup, back home. All the best.

  5. retirecheapjc

    Thanks. I feel you had clearly made your point and this isn't a place just
    for somebody to rant. I asked you about the problems in your country but
    you didn't respond but just continued your bashing of Thailand. At a point
    I just pull the plug. As you can see I left your comments for others to see
    though because all viewpoints are valuable if they are valid, So please
    don't take it personally.

  6. retirecheapjc

    Yes Raul you are right. Fans really help. Also taking advantage of the
    zoning of the air. All rooms have their own units so instead of cooling the
    whole house we can just keep the room we are in cool as well. That helps
    keep that bill down as well.

  7. Jim Thompson

    Hi ya JC. I was delighted to hear your buddy pronounce Hua Hin. (smile).
    And I noticed, you almost pronounced it the same way. (big smile) Just
    having fun giving you a hard time, as I know you can handle it. My passport
    is now with the Thai embassy being processed for a retirement visa. My plan
    is to return to Hua Hin early August and would love the chance to meet you
    personally and thank you for all the fine videos. All the best. Jim

  8. longjohn6695

    JC, I really like your videos. I lived in Thailand for about 5years from
    the age 16-21. I know you want to portray Thailand as a paradise. However
    both you and me we know there are many many many downsides that needs to be
    addressed to anybody who are thinking to move to Thailand. I saw only one
    video when you talk about a robbery attempt of your private belongings.

  9. retirecheapjc

    OK. Now where do you live? Paradise there? Give me the list of all the
    problems where you live now. Like I said, there is no paradise anywhere.
    But I am glad you got this off your chest.

  10. nelco69

    It can still cost you doing that, but nothing like it would using air con,
    i was living a place a few years ago called PM appartment's which is just
    off Soi BK and i did what you are suggesting and it did keep the place
    comfortable if not cool, but it wasn't that cheap doing that but it was
    nothing like 3000 Bhat

  11. jan diedrichsen

    great Work there jc , im comming out there in august or september , maybe w
    can hok up when i land and meet agein after 2 months to see how i did end
    up living , that would be great . and a great inspiration for other pepole,
    thumbsup for the great Work you do out there greatings from denmark. please
    feal free to respond

  12. retirecheapjc

    May. Yes the rainy season is hot unless it rains in the late afternoon or
    the day has a nice cloud cover.

  13. retirecheapjc

    Thanks. It was nice to meet Nick and hopefully we will get the chance to
    swap more stories.

  14. jono goode

    Hi Vannak, I am sorry but I think you are confusing me with someone else. I
    have never lived in Cambodia. As for thinking of taking the plunge I
    suggest JC's website " " It is crammed full of very useful
    videos from places all around Thailand giving excellent info on housing,
    food, medical care, things to do and see and much much more. Anyone
    contemplating moving to the LoS needs to make the site their first point of
    call. Jono

  15. stef m

    I have many business in Europe . I looked at many ways to start also in
    Thailand but indeed it is hard. So for the moment, i dont take the risk.
    You need a good intelligent Thai wife to help you with your business. I
    even have one but still wait for a better sign on the sky. At this moment i
    just wait for my retirement and spent some nice holidays there. Later on,
    i'm glad to be a category 3 or 4 ripper 🙂


    A place like that back in the UK or USA you could no touch for $600
    dollars, more like $1300 to 1400 and up in the US!!

  17. RichVoyages

    it is strange, Youtube won't display his channel in the first search. Even
    when it's run together -> nickswift try searching under one of his video
    titles. Example "Weekend dating at the beach thailand "

  18. John B

    Interesting vid!! I have always been fascinated with young guys in Asia.
    What happens when the money runs out? What a bummer that is to have to go
    back to your motherland and work again and not have access to all those
    women! LOL That has got to be a horrible shock to the system.

  19. stef m

    For the record, if i had only 750 dollar for my pension i sure would go to
    Thailand or Cambodia. So the maffia, corruption, road-accidents or business
    would be the less of my worries then. Just don't get drunk at 4 am with a
    bargirl on a motorbike in pattaya !! Live a normal live and you will be ok.

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